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We work for clients, not quarterly results, private equity, or uninterested shareholders. This allows us to be responsive, flexible, and client focused. The goals we set for our company always take into consideration the best long-term interest of our clients rather than the short-term interest of financial pressures. We are a privately-owned company and have been providing quality managed services since it was founded in the early 1900s. The genesis of the company was in the cleaning industry, but over time, in an effort to best fulfill the needs of our clients, Harvard has developed into a company with a suite of managed service solutions to include Security.


We know our clients want affirmation that the Service Excellence we promise is being produced beyond the expected level, day after day. In order to be accountable, HarvardSmart, our innovative technology platform, provides information that drives efficiency, accuracy, and superior quality results. Technology is not just an absolute solution; it enables us to provide excellent quality of service that is documented.


Exceeding your expectations in delivering safe and secure facilities is always our goal. Harvard Optimize, our performance optimization solution, utilizes the data collected from our quality assurance program (Harvard Smart), lessons learned, and client feedback. With accurate and robust information in hand, we assess current processes, identify systems not functioning effectively, and then develop a smart and sustainable plan for improvement—therefore eliminating the root cause. The outcome is a high level of service over an extended period of time.


We think about diversity on multiple levels: People, Business, and Spend. People with different experiences, thought processes, and backgrounds give our business a distinct advantage. We rely on their individual and collective brain power to craft our business strategies. Our business is also diverse in the sectors in which we do business. We believe that knowing the challenges of a wide variety of industries allows us to take a more well-rounded approach. In regards to spend, we can provide Tier 1 or Tier 2 diversity spend through our relationships with Harvard Services Group, or other organizations, depending on the goals your organization is trying to achieve.


By keeping our organizational leadership accessible and operational management structure flat, the Doobin Family Companies and the Harvard Enterprise empower employees to make decisions. We ensure that our clients are well-informed and keenly aware of key operational initiatives taking place within their environment. Our clients thoroughly engage with our site managers and regional Vice Presidents to ensure seamless decision making. The key benefit to our clients is comprehensive information sharing and methodical support. With the Harvard organizational structure, you can be assured that when you engage a Harvard employee, that individual has the authority to meet your site requirements. That culture, in turn, motivates all Harvard employees to exceed our clients' expectations.


Ensuring safety and security is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it is the safety of our employees, the people occupying your physical environments, the business itself, or the guests coming in and out of your facility, our focus on safety is part of our corporate DNA. Success is never achieved if a person is hurt while we are executing our work. As an experienced building service provider, we are vigilant in ensuring that your facility faces minimal potential opportunities for danger. Our highly experienced Risk Management team thoroughly trains our employees to ensure services are provided within your environment safely.


Utilize Ecosuite, our complete suite of sustainable solutions, to bolster your own initiatives. Ecosuite incorporates a vast array of sustainability solutions to include daytime cleaning, waste management protocols, energy monitoring, and water conservation techniques. The program provides a measurable and positive impact on overall facilities operations and maintenance with Key Performance Indicators, such as waste diversion, source reduction, and conservation of natural resources. When you choose Harvard, you select a facilities partner that helps maximize operational efficiencies while delivering residual cost savings. That is what sets us apart as a vested partner in helping you achieve your sustainability goals. Our Sustainability Approach is about how our program supports your initiatives.


We believe that cleaning to create a productive and healthy work environment should be an important part of an overall employee wellness program. Our obsession around cleaning measures not only Appearance but also Health and Safety, Sustainability, Productivity, and Asset Preservation. Harvard’s quality of cleaning is not only a reflection of the processes we employ, but also of the tools. We utilize the highest quality cleaning products, tools and equipment to aid in the removal of building contaminants. Our proven systems are so complete that they have earned GreenGuard certification for their ability to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Harvard’s Cleaning for Wellness program, takes a different approach to improved hygiene.

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