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Human Capital:
The Power of Diversity and Engaged Leadership

Employees are the lifeblood of any organization. Organizations that assemble the strongest combination of talented people, diverse skill sets, and management processes that yield maximum results for their internal stakeholders and external clients typically produce superior performance. Harvard has gone to great lengths to have the most diverse team in the building services industry. This depth and breadth of talent allows us to deliver service excellence consistently.

Harvard’s passionate leadership and management team is experienced, tenured, and knowledgeable about all areas pertaining to commercial building maintenance. The management structure and operational framework is thorough, documented, and executed methodically. Providing contemporary education and comprehensive support to our employees and leading them by following the principles outlined in our Inverted Pyramid® is a cornerstone of Harvard.

  • Stanley K. Doobin, President & CEO
  • Nathalie R. Doobin, President & CEO - Harvard Services Group
  • Daniel Duffy, Executive Vice President
  • David Domlija, Executive Vice President
  • Joanne Plemenos, Chief Financial Officer
  • Pat Mullin, Senior Vice President
  • Keith L. Prewitt, Senior Vice President - Harvard Protection Services
  • John Ravaris, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing
  • Kim Beta, Vice President of Human Resources
  • John Rowley, Senior Vice President
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