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Sustainable Processes and Procedures

The third party certified Harvard Sustainable Processes and Procedures provide triple bottom line benefits for us the service provider, our clients and the facility occupants. Each Harvard corporate function plays an integral role to accomplish four main economic, social and environmental objectives:

Help Improve Indoor Air Quality
Provide Source Reduction / Divert Waste

Help Protect the Health of Building Occupants
Conserve Natural Resources

Quality Tracking and Self-Auditing
  • While Harvard’s decision to employ a third-party compliant program provides clients with guaranteed low-emitting products and materials, its rigorous audit systems bolster its commitment to continued improvement through the development of site-specific action plans and periodic benchmarking.
  • Ongoing tracking and reporting via the Harvard Smart Quality Assurance Program is performed virtually in real-time for 24-7 access and monitoring.
  • The Harvard 100-point Site Sustainability Scorecard offers client partners an invaluable opportunity for customized, environmental tracking and reporting of our sustainable green cleaning management practices.  Administered through the Harvard Sustainability Department, the Scorecard provides client partners with an objective level of standardized practices and sustainability benefits.
Client Access
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